September Specials with Simba Travelcare

17th September 2018 Latest News Travelcare
Make every travel more rewarding when you book your next trip with our SeptemberSpecials to a selection of Emirates online destinations in both Business and Economy class. Featured destinations include, Dubai, Jeddah, Muscat, Karachi, Cairo, Tunis, Athens,Barcelona, Bangkok, Brussels, Casablanca ,Delhi, Paris, Hyderabad, Hong Kong, Dallas, Washington, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Rome, Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney,Mauritius, Beijing, Shanghai, London and Bombay.
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A Business Trip to Uganda is a Unique Opportunity to see Wonders of the Modern World

16th September 2018 Latest News Travelcare
If you plan on travelling to Uganda on a business trip, chances are you’ll want to make the most of your visit and see some of the fabulous attractions Uganda has to offer.  Winston Churchill dubbed Uganda the “pearl of Africa” when he visited in 1907 after seeing the country’s stunning sights and even wrote a book about it, “My African Journey”.
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Qatar Airways & Simba Travelcare

14th September 2018 Latest News Travelcare
There are so many remarkable sights around the globe for you to discover. Find out why the world is such an incredible place as you explore its diverse landscapes, iconic cities, and natural wonders. We have teamed-up with Qatar Airways and are offer some exciting fares to a selection of their online destinations and below is just a flavour! But hurry, you must book your ticket by 14th February 2018
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Dubai Getaways

Latest News Travelcare
Missed out on our outstanding deals? No worries, because Simba Travelcare and Emirates Holidays is offering you better value holiday packages combined with the award-winning Emirates flights.
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4 Essentials For Gorilla Trekking In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

7th September 2018 Latest News Travelcare
One of the top attractions for people travelling to Uganda or Rwanda is to trek mountain gorillas. If only it were possible to go on a hike and see these majestic creatures! Here are 4 essentials as you plan your…
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Uganda’s Festivals – Seven of the Best

28th August 2018 Latest News Travelcare
Attending a festival is a great way to get to know about Uganda’s culture and mingle with the locals, making new friends and business contacts.  If you travel to Kampala or other Ugandan cities on business, make sure you check…
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Conquer River Nile-Everything To Know About Rafting and Bungee Jumping

19th August 2018 Latest News Travelcare
I spent the weekend in Jinja with Fay and the option to raft and bungee jump came up. Every time I visited Jinja, I’ve fearfully avoided these two but secretly wished I had the nerve to one day; just do…
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Early Bird Offer on Emirates from Entebbe

15th August 2018 Latest News Travelcare
We have some amazing offers with Emirates to a wide selection of destinations throughout the world. Featured destinations include, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Brussels, Barcelona, Kuwait, Colombo,  Frankfurt, Rome, Paris, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Munich, Milan, Manchester, Lahore, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Washington, Geneva, Istanbul, Chicago, New York, Karachi, Los Angeles, Singapore, Toronto, Moscow, Tunisia and many other destinations.
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Doing Business in Uganda made Easier with the Right Links

13th August 2018 Latest News Travelcare
If you have business dealings in Uganda (or if you’re looking to move into the Ugandan market), no doubt you will need to make business trips to the African country – your trips will probably go more smoothly if you…
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Kampala is Open for Business

6th August 2018 Latest News Travelcare
Capital of Uganda, Kampala with its population of more than 2 million has been ranked the best city in which to live in East Africa by a to New York global development consulting agency.  The official languages in Uganda are…
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