The Business Benefits of a Corporate Travel Policy

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The Business Benefits of a Corporate Travel Policy

Does your business have a Corporate Travel Policy?  If you don’t and you or your employees travel on business, then you’re missing a trick.  Business Travel is a term that covers all types of instances where employees go outside the business premises to conduct business.

This could be as simple as driving around the local area, visiting a regional office by train or flying around the world to hold meetings with partners in different countries.  Whatever the reason for travel, and however much distance covered, a Corporate Travel Policy will save your company time and money.

Having a Corporate Travel Policy will reduce the amount of time your employees spend on researching and booking their own travel arrangements.  Implementing an online booking tool can significantly speed up the booking process.

If your company uses the services of a corporate travel management provider, your business will benefit from any discounts or other add-ons that the travel management company has negotiated with airlines, hotels, car hire companies, etc.  This is an efficient and cost-effective way of outsourcing the booking process to an expert who has a network of providers to choose from in order to deliver the best deals to your corporate travellers at any given time.

Your Corporate Travel Policy should clearly set out the guidelines and criteria that apply to all corporate travellers in your company, including board members, executives, employees and corporate guests.

Applying a pre-travel approval process requiring signature by a specific member of staff will help avoid unnecessary expenditure and keep costs under control.  The travel request should contain details such as destination, travel dates, estimated costs and the purpose of the trip.

Next week we’ll take a look at the information and details that should be contained in a comprehensive Corporate Travel Policy.  Follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the tips that will help you to compile a Corporate Travel Policy individually tailored to your business requirements.