8 Productivity Tips for Business Travellers

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8 Productivity Tips for Business Travellers

All too often, travelling means a loss of productivity for business travellers. Perhaps you’ll have an assistant who attempts to handle your responsibilities while you’re in the air, or maybe you have to put your regular duties on hold until you return. Whatever the case, this can mean a major loss in output. It doesn’t have to, though. The following tips can help.

1. Know Your Connectivity: Business today requires Internet connectivity. Know when, where, and for how long you’ll have connectivity on each leg of your journey and plan accordingly.

2. Use the Right Apps: There are tons of productivity apps out there that can help business travellers and that are specifically designed for travel needs.

3. Don’t Check Luggage: Waiting for luggage at your destination is a huge source of lost time. Control your time by skipping the checked luggage if at all possible.

4. Fly Early: The earlier your flight, the fewer delays you will encounter. Each delay that you avoid is the additional time you can use to be productive once you land.

5. Prepare for Power Issues: Your power-hungry devices all need to be charged, but different countries have different power systems. Make sure you know what sort of plugs you’ll need so you can keep going.

6. Familiarise Yourself with the Destination: Before you lift off, make sure you know what’s in the area around your destination hotel. This will save you time, money, and hassle.

7. Get Organised on the Ground: Once you have checked into your hotel, do whatever you need to do in order to get and remain organised and productive. Unpack, sort, and arrange so you can do what needs to be done.

8. Stick to Your Time Zone: If your stay will be short, stay on your own time if possible. Yes, you might be up early and to bed early, but you will not lose time to jet lag.

Follow these tips and you’ll stay productive on any trip.