4 Tips for Better International Travel to Uganda from Europe

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4 Tips for Better International Travel to Uganda from Europe

Uganda has become a very popular destination with tourists, but it is rapidly becoming an international business destination. As the African nation fully embraces the modern world and technology, more and more  businesspeople from Europe are making the flight there.

However, you will need to know a few things to ensure the best possible business travel.

  1. Book with an Actual Travel Agent: One of the first things to consider is how you book your flight and other travel arrangements. You might be tempted to go straight through an airline’s website or to use an aggregator site. However, it’s actually very important that you work with a travel agent instead, who can provide professional assistance if you need to reschedule if your flight is cancelled if your accommodations need to be changed, and other reasons.
  2. Travel During the Dry Season: Uganda experiences both wet and dry seasons. Most Europeans will find visiting during the dry season the best option. Travel during the periods of December through March, or June through September to stay dry.
  3. Prepay for Most Expenses: You will find that most of the areas outside of the capital city do not accept credit cards. This means you need to have alternate payment options. You can exchange euros for local currency, but that can become expensive. A better option is to prepay for as many expenses as you can. This will not only save your business money, but it will help ensure that you experience a few hassles and holdups during your stay.
  4. Know the Entry Requirements: The most important entry requirement for Uganda is a valid passport with an expiration date that is more than six months away. You will also need a visa. Have your business apply for your visa ahead of time, and make sure that you have your passport squared away well before booking your travel.

Follow these brief tips and you’ll have a much better business travel experience.