3 Ways to Make Business Travel More Comfortable

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3 Ways to Make Business Travel More Comfortable

Few people relish the thought of travelling for business. Sure, the destination might be enjoyable, and the reason for business travel and going in the first place could be quite exciting, but the travel itself is often uncomfortable. Red-eye flights, noisy fliers, upset stomachs – these are just a few of the issues that regularly turn business travel into an uncomfortable ordeal.

The good news is that there are quite a few ways that you can change that paradigm.

1. Check the Sheets at Your Hotel

Pull back the blanket on your hotel bed and check out the sheets. If you don’t see a crease, call housekeeping to have the bed remade. All hotel sheets will be creased if they have been laundered recently. If there is no crease, it means the bed hasn’t been changed and you’re in for an uncomfortable night.

2. Get to the Gate Early

While you might be booking your flight in coach, many airlines offer bargain upgrades at the time of the flight if they have empty seats. The trick is to get to the gate early so you can hear any announcements about available upgrades and their prices. If you’re lucky, you can snag a first-class upgrade for cheap.

3. Be Nice

Yes, you’ve had a rough, tiring day with lots of stress still to come. However, don’t let that come through in your tone if you need to interact with airline staff, particularly customer service representatives. Be humble, kind, and understanding. In many instances, this will not only result in improved service but may net you a free upgrade if you have an actual complaint and are understanding about it.

With these three tips, you should find that business travel is less uncomfortable and more enjoyable.