Kampala is Open for Business

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Kampala is Open for Business

Capital of Uganda, Kampala with its population of more than 2 million has been ranked the best city in which to live in East Africa by a to New York global development consulting agency.  The official languages in Uganda are Swahili and English, making the country an easy place to do business for European and American entrepreneurs, which partly explains its popularity in recent years as a business destination.  


Kampala enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with two annual wet seasons, with its heaviest rainfall occurring between February and June.  It’s also been named as a “lightning-strike” capital due to the frequent thunderstorms, so packing an umbrella would be a good idea.


Although many businesses (including 25 commercial banks) maintain headquarters in the city centre, there have been moves in recent years to relocate heavy industry to the Kampala Business and Industrial Park about 14 kilometres east of the city’s central business district.  


Visitors to Kampala usually fly into Entebbe International, Uganda’s largest airport which replaced the Old Entebbe airport which is now used by Uganda’s military forces.  There are plenty of travel modes for the onward journey of 22 miles to the capital – taxi, minibus or hotel shuttle. Kampala’s public bus service boasts a fleet of comfortable, modern vehicles that operate on a round the clock basis, making this a truly 24-hour city for visitors and residents alike.


Green spaces are in short supply in this busy international city but if you’re on the lookout for somewhere to spend some time outdoors, the Maisha Garden is the place to go.  The Maisha Garden which is on Buziga Hill overlooks Lake Victoria and features an outdoor cinema, a multipurpose amphitheatre, a nature walk and open air teaching rooms.

Kampala remains one of Africa’s most rapidly developing cities with a constantly changing skyline.  Whatever your reason for travelling to Kampala on business, it’s a delightful city to visit and if you have ongoing business in Kampala you’re sure to be amazed by new additions to the city each time you visit.